Liquid wallpaper – a unique product

Contents: Liquid wallpaper (similar to Japanese plastering) has several unique advantages over ordinary plastering

Here are some of them:

It is an environmentally friendly product, since it does not contain any toxic or harmful substances. It is produces from natural cellulose and cellulose strands; it has no odor and cannot cause allergies and thus can be used in children’s bedrooms and can help people with allergies.


On the one hand, liquid wallpaper is an excellent thermal isolator and can outperform the best isolationary paints sold on the market. The surface is warm to the touch and room temperature goes up by a few degrees. Most importantly, using liquid wallpaper on your interior walls eliminates the need for external thermal isolation.

On the other hand, the material is very resilient to cold temperatures. Even after a wall is completely frozen, the liquid wallpaper remains unchanged. This makes it perfect for insulating villas, bungalows and other non-heated structures.

The distinctive microporous structure of the liquid wallpaper gives it outstanding soundproofing qualities, making it more useful for offices and other rooms which may need sound dampening.

The carefully crafted recipe gives the liquid wallpaper antistatic and antiodor qualities. It does not change color, it does not bleach out or grow darker from sunlight. The material requires no maintenance and any damaged part of wallpaper is easily repairable.

One of the most important qualities of the liquid wallpaper is how hygroscopic it is. The difference between walls covered with latex and those with liquid wallpaper is evident when it comes to water resistance. The latex walls form mold in the winter and have visible water paths on them, while liquid wallpaper absorbs any such fluids.

Liquid wallpaper can be applied professionally by both amateurs and experts alike. The result is always perfect! Liquid wallpaper combines the advantages of wallpaper with those of plastering, whilst having none of the disadvantages. Neither exact measurements nor large workspace are required. There is no need to fill holes or smooth out bumps in the surface, since the liquid wallpaper can easily achieve this. One person is enough to complete the task. No plastering required means that you can save on expenses.

This material saves time and money for future repairs as well. For example, in case deep scratches on the surface by pets, children or accidents, all you need to do is remove the damaged sector, wet it, put it back in place and smooth it out.

This unique plastering will surprise you not only with the large variety of available colors, but also entertain your imagination with an array of possibilities – unique color combinations, decoration of separate walls, columns and even sectors of walls, using relief to spice up an unadorned wall and using lighting to accentuate it, etc. There are no limits to what kind of decoration liquid wallpaper can be used for.

By utilizing the additives Sena and Wisla you can introduce a golden or silvery hue into the surface. It can be used in different sectors of a wall or a whole room, giving a even more unique look to your home!

Liquid wallpaper is in compliance with all modern standards for fire safety, it does not spread the flames and has no toxic fumes if burning.

Other advantages:

- Covers up cracks completely

- Can be used for curvy surfaces – columns, arcs, rounded edges – just as easily as on flat surfaces.

- Allows the wall “to breathe” and controls the amount of moisture in the room

- Suitable for people with breathing problems or allergies