Mica (C)

1/ Golden mica (С1)

Particles with size 1-2 mm




2/ Vermikulit (С2)

The Vermikulit is a material that, in its natural state, very similar to mica. Its color is light gray with golden hues, since it contains pure mica. Has high heat insulation, low weight, high sound dampening, high higroscopicity, absobatory abilities. It is usally used in: Вермикулитът намира широко приложение в:

- Construction – for thermal isolation between -260 C to +1100 C (or 900 C for vibrating surfaces) ; as an additive to plasterings and cement, in production fireproof bricks and panels.

- Agriculture – soil enrichment with macro and micro elements; used in crops and animal husbandry

- Ecology – for filtration of household and industrial waste water, absorbation of petroleum products, organic fats, poisonous gases, etc.


3/ Mica Sena(С3)

A mica with a grey-green color and particle size of 0.01 mm to 1 mm




4/ Light silvery mica (С4)

A mica with a light silver color and particle size of 1 to 2 mm



5/ Golden mica – large (С5)


Large volume pieces resembling natural gold pieces, uneven shape and 1 to 3 mm size. Because of the large size of the particles, it is best to add them after the liquid wallpaper has been applied to the surface (all other additives must be added before that)

6/ Green additive – large(С6)


The pieces are 1-3 mm in size, semitransparent and are larger in size than other additives.



All mica packets:

(1 euro = 1.95 lv)

25 g – 1,50 lv

50 g – 3,00 lv