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Liquid wallpaper – a unique product

Aug 22, 2011

Liquid wallpaper (similar to Japanese plastering) has several unique advantages over ordinary plastering Here are just some of them: It is an environmentally friendly product, since it does not contain any toxic or harmful substances. It is produces from natural cellulose and cellulose strands; it has no odor and cannot cause allergies and thus can [...]

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Instructions for application

Aug 21, 2011

1. Surface preparation (primering)   1.1. The surface has to be clean and dry. All contamination, old wallpaper, paint, scratched paint, nails, etc. have to removed 1.2. Before applying the liquid wallpaper, the surface needs to be primered, so that no stains show up on the surface of dried liquid wallpaper later. Stains can be [...]

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Decorative additives

Aug 20, 2011

By using decorative additives, you can be the designer of your own home and achieve unique effects. The decorative additives can be used according to your interior design and/or your taste! They can be added to the basic white liquid wallpaper or to any color of liquid wallpaper whatsoever. Check out the different section on [...]

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Aug 17, 2011

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge it.                                                                                             [...]

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